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Worthless Trash Dana Perino Comes Out Swinging In Defense Of Facebook

Jack Flash
Worthless Trash Dana Perino Comes Out Swinging In Defense Of Facebook

Excerpted from Breitbart: In the latest case of conservative cheerleading for Facebook — the site which was accused, earlier this month, of artificially promoting promoting progressive stories while suppressing conservative ones — FOX News pundit Dana Perino has defended the social network.

Following her attendance at the widely-publicized (but behind-closed-doors) meeting between conservatives and Facebook executives, Perino has outlined her thoughts on why the movement should believe Mark Zuckerberg’s assurances that his platform will remain unbiased.

In her article, Perino stated that Facebook “recognizes” that it has lost trust with conservatives, but added that she left the meeting feeling “assured that Facebook would be working to repair relationships.” She also specifically rebutted Breitbart’s accusation that the meeting was a “photo-op” designed to make Facebook look good, noting that “there were no cameras.”

“Photo-op,” of course, was meant as a colloquialism — the fact that there were no cameras doesn’t mean the meeting wasn’t a case of public image management on Facebook’s part. Also, the claim that “there were no cameras” doesn’t make much sense when Facebook’s Product Development Specialist Devi Kovi posted a photo of her posing with Perino at Facebook HQ to Instagram.

Perino praised Facebook for their “openness” and willingness to listen, even joking that the Republicans should hold their convention in Silicon Valley. Keep reading

  • beans

    I’m so tired of her high/mighty attitude on The Five. She’s a NeverTrumper & it oozes from the veiled words she chooses to speak or doesn’t when talking about him or his policies such as Facebook – we all know it censors & outright bans those that support open free discussion of Trump and his policies but Dana just glosses over the whole situation as if she were the spokesperson for Mao’s China.