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Whites Banned From “The Bridge” Cafe At American University After Black “Protesters” Hold Students’ Cars Hostage

Jack Flash
Whites Banned From “The Bridge” Cafe At American University After Black “Protesters” Hold Students’ Cars Hostage

“The Bridge” you hear the Provost referring to is the Bridge Cafe on the American University campus. Here’s their Twitter page. What happened was that some nooses with bananas were found on the campus (which these days is as likely to have been a hoax hate crime as a real one), and these black students decided to block cars from being able to leave a parking garage, effectively holding them hostage, until their list of demands was met. One of them was that whites be banned from The Bridge for at least the rest of the semester, making it “a sanctuary for people of color.” That’s illegal racial discrimination, I don’t care what the alleged “hate crime” was. Regardless, the performance of the cuck provost here is craven and pathetic. And you’ll notice also the growing obsession of black students around the country with banning whites from places.

YouTube: Protesters blocking American University’s roadways and parking garage exit interrupted traffic for two hours Friday afternoon. Provost Scott A. Bass came out to the protesters and was given a megaphone. He then agreed to meet every one of the protesters’ demands, and the activists allowed traffic to begin moving.

Excerpted From The Blaze:
Administrators at American University in Washington, D.C., have agreed to allow black students an extension on their final exams along with preserving a “sanctuary for people of color” after an alleged racially charged incident precipitated a student-led protest.

Last week, campus officials reported that someone on campus discovered bananas hung in nooses with the letters “AKA” and the word “Harambe” written on them. “AKA” is the acronym for the black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha.

After a scheduled meeting between black leaders on campus and school administrators to address the incident had to be rescheduled, the student group organized a protest and then blocked traffic in a parking garage, where the students set certain demands for school administrators. University police have not identified any suspects and it is not known whether the stunt was a hoax or a real act of hate-motivated vandalism.

According to Campus Reform, the protesters brought signs stating three demands:

    “For the remaining [sic] of the semester, the Bridge will become a sanctuary for people of color,” the ultimatum begins, referring to a student café and lounge on campus.

    Students also demanded that “all POC [persons of color] students get extensions, and should not be penalized for already scheduled finals after the incident,” arguing that the racist incident on campus has distressed many students to the point that they are unable to focus on exams.

    The final demand calls for a “separate investigation team based out of the university (composed of a group of non-biased expert contractors) that can investigate cases of racism and discrimination brought against the institution of American University.”

American University Provost Scott Bass reportedly arrived at the scene of the protest and verbally agreed to the protesters’ demands, according to American University’s student news site, The Eagle. Keep reading

  • Jackie Puppet

    Hopefully the provost cancels the meeting.

    There needs to be a federal law banning protestors/agitators from conduct such as blocking traffic because it impacts other people from going about their daily lives/going to & from work/etc.

    The law also needs to exempt any driver & passengers from criminal AND civil prosecution in the event the driver runs over protestors that refused to get out of the way. Those in vehicles should not have to fear for their lives, or damage to their property.

    • Karen Foster

      So sick of this shit. I live in Orlando. Come block me and stand in front of my car and see where it gets you. Two words. Hurt or Dead!!!

      • BobFromDistrict9

        Oh, you’re so tough. Be sure to wear a black lives matter button as you run them over.

        Otherwise you’re just another racist looking for an excuse to launch a racial attack.

        • Karen Foster

          I grew up in Hawaii with every ethnic group you could imagine. I am not racist. These people have held up ambulances, fire depths, paramedics and pulled people out of cars. Black lives matter is a hate group that hates cops, loots stores, promotes violence and set black folks backwards. I thought black people wanted the same freedoms every else wanted? No they want to take a great place and make it black only. And an extra test day cuz they saw hanging banana’ s? Are you serious? I day And with my original reply. Get in front of my car to stop me whether black, white or purple you will get mowed down first and asked questions later.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            I was stationed in Hawaii in 1969-70. There was plenty or racism, including between Chinese and Japanese.

            Fire depths?

            I doubt there was any need for paramedics in the parking garage at that time.

            No, they have not pulled people out of cars. Not one report of that at America University that I have seen.

            What does black lives matter have to do with this? where does black lives matter ever loot stores? Where does black lives matter promote violence?

            I don’t even see black lives matter showing hate for cops.

            You didn’t bother to read anything more than that? It was part of a more extended incident in which a white supremacist group encouraged it’s followers to online troll a woman who is a black student leader at the U. The bananas had writing on them identifying a black sorority. It was a racist attack.

            The test delay was because of the disruption due to the incident. The proper response would have been to have all the tests either given again or delayed, as appropriate.

            Yes, black people do want the same freedom. All you did was show you did not really know much about what happened.

          • Pat Kittle

            BY FAR the worst racism in the country today is against non-Jewish White people.

            Just because the (((media))) cover up all the anti-White violence & crime doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            Just because you are afraid doesn’t mean you are right.

          • Pat Kittle

            You’re the delicate sniveling type who needs constant freebies from Evil Whitey & affirmative action & reassurances that you’re “smart” & “beautiful” & “safe spaces” at colleges where you are vastly unqualified & on & on.

            Meanwhile, Blacks are committing racist violent crimes all across the country and we’re supposed feel sorry for them when they get caught.

            That’s right — BY FAR the worst racism in the country today is against non-Jewish White people:
            — [ ]

          • SrAgri

            Just because you are angry doesn’t mean you are right.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            Disgusted far more than angry. Tired of the ignorance from the right.

          • SrAgri

            Most of the country is tired of the ignorance from BLM.

          • SrAgri

            “No, they have not pulled people out of cars. Not one report of that at America University that I have seen.”
            There is video to be found of BLM doing that, though.

            “where does black lives matter ever loot stores?”
            Ferguson, Milwaukee, and Dallas off the top of my head. I’m sure there are other locations.

            “Where does black lives matter promote violence?”
            Everywhere. The Toronto chapter actually advocates the genocide of all white people.

            “I don’t even see black lives matter showing hate for cops”
            Really? That is a bold-faced lie.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            I doubt you have any video of BLM attacking anyone anywhere.

            Show one store looted by BLM.

            This is the USA, not Toronto. Show the US BLM advocating that. Nothing to stop pretty much anyone from making such a statement in anyone’s name.

            Your bold-faced lie claim is a bold-faced lie.

          • Karen Foster

            I saw them looting stores, pulling people out of cars, standing in front of voting places trying scare tactics, interviews with them talking about hate for cops, cops being hurt, you name it I saw it with my own two eyes. No it did not happen on this campus but you are the one who brought it up and told me to wear a BLM button as I was running anyone over trying to stop my car. I won’t promote the button but the U won’t stand for this nonsense where I live, district 9 Bob.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            When did you see that? Where were you? Where were they trying scare tactics in front of polling places? Did you call the police? What scare tactics did they try?

            When did you witness an interview where they talked about hate for cops? You do realize there are some cops who truly are bad.

            You can claim what you want, give me some evidence.

          • SrAgri

            “I doubt you have any video of BLM attacking anyone anywhere.”
            Compilation of BLM assualt videos:
            This one includes a wonderful explanation of why BLM’s violence is justified.

            Other BLM assualt videos:

            “Show one store looted by BLM.”
            Here is a list of 40 just in Ferguson:

            “This is the USA, not Toronto. Show the US BLM advocating that.”
            That is a stupid argument and you know it.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            Ok, I read the articles. Not one F-en word says they were BLM members. Not one word. I am not familiar with “the American Mirror, but I am quite familiar with Breitbart and Infowars. Both are hate sites. Breitbart has a demonstrated history of publishing faked up material.

            So far your credibility record is exactly zero.

            I have not yet watched the video, on the reported attack at the demonstration, it’s nearly a half hour long and I have to be someplace in about 8 minutes, but I have downloaded it.

            See, I do care about facts, even if you don’t.

          • SrAgri

            “Not one F-en word says they were BLM members. Not one word.”
            They were at BLM-sponsored riots, so they were BLM supporters.

            “I am not familiar with “the American Mirror, but I am quite familiar with Breitbart and Infowars. Both are hate sites. Breitbart has a demonstrated history of publishing faked up material.”
            So? Don’t read the articles, just follow the news links and watch the videos. You can say that they write fake stories all day, but when they link to local news stations, Twitter accounts, and home videos, it gets harder to deny.

          • Shivers

            Bob’s and other Bobs like him, have, as their only strength is being victims. It’s pretty much the only dialogue you hear these days.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            BLM did not sponsor riots.

            Weren’t there police there during the protests?

            No one had the chance to stop them?

            I did follow the links, there was not one word saying BLM was doing it. Give me the links to the actual news stations.

            I don’t do twitter. If it’s real why isn’t it directly on their site? Like I said before, I was busy. I downloaded the videos on Breitbart and I will watch them, but nothing saying BLM was responsible for violence.

          • SrAgri

            “BLM did not sponsor riots.”
            Yes, they did. The grouped formed with the riots in Ferguson.

            “Weren’t there police there during the protests?”
            Trying to stop the BLM rioters who were throwing rocks, concrete blocks, and Molotov cocktails.

            “…nothing saying BLM was responsible for violence.”
            I could use your same feeble argument to say that the KKK is no longer responsible for violence. Would you accept that statement?

          • BobFromDistrict9

            BLM was formed in response to the killing in Ferguson. Which does not show any connection to riots. The protestors were separate from the Rioters. The police were busy with their militarized response to the peaceful protestors to do anything about rioters.

            And they never caught one of them? They never showed that even one of them was connected to BLM?

            The KKK was committing violence, not just responsible for it. Now the KKK is much reduced, and I haven’t seen them committing violence, but they may be.

            Currently the champions are the Sovereign Citizens, the leading cop killers. Various white supremacist or right wing Christian groups are in there also. They don’t just talk, they kill.

            Anyone can say the words, “Black Lives Matter”, which is not the same as being sponsored by BLM, or even affiliated. Excuses do not qualify as evidence of anything.

          • SrAgri

            “The protestors were separate from the Rioters. The police were busy with their militarized response to the peaceful protestors to do anything about rioters.” (sic)

            It must just be a coincidence that when BLM “protests” there is a riot at the same time. Imagine the odds…

            “Anyone can say the words, ‘Black Lives Matter’, which is not the same as being sponsored by BLM, or even affiliated.”

            So you would not necessarily connect Dylan Roof or James Harris Jackson to the KKK?

          • BobFromDistrict9

            I would connect Dylan Roof to racism, I don’t recall James Harris Jackson.

            If Roof left evidence to link him to the KKK I would connect him. However, I do not recall that detail. There are enough hate groups out there to explain Roof.

          • SrAgri

            Perhaps you misunderstand the KKK.

            I bet if we sent them an email and asked for their official position, they would go on record as saying that they do not support violence against non-whites.

            If they made that statement, would you concede that they are not a hate group?

          • Shivers

            Bob forgets the marches, “dead cops, when do we want them, NOW! That was BLM. So peaceful.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            “No, they have not pulled people out of cars. Not one report of that at America University that I have seen.”

            There is video to be found of BLM doing that, though.

            Where do you have any such video about America University?

          • Shivers

            Like I said to Karen, Bob is a racist and uncivilized, he resorts to insults to win (or so he thinks) his arguments. I grew tired of him trying to bait me into arguments, he’s right, everyone else is wrong, end of argument.

          • Shivers

            Bob is a racist, uncivilized shit disturber.

          • Karen Foster

            Yes he is and does not do his research nor does he have a clue what he’s talking about. I hate when he acts like a know it all but knows nothing. As far as I’m concerned he can go back under that rock he’s been living under.

          • Pat Kittle

            Dindus like Bob demand proof for what is obvious.

            And (as he demonstrates repeatedly) when proof is provided they merely change the subject.

          • Shivers

            There’s profit to be made in the culture of victimhood.

        • SrAgri

          “Be sure to wear a black lives matter button as you run them over.”

          Probably true. BLM supporters will excuse almost any violence or crime if they think someone is doing it in the name of protest.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            So, as you kill black people you will call out “Black Lives Matter”?

          • SrAgri

            No. I’m not intending to kill anyone.

            I don’t sit around planning murder, unlike BLM leaders…

    • BobFromDistrict9

      Exceedingly stupid thinking.

      It has only been by disruption that any advances in civil rights have been achieved.

      Those outside the vehicles should not have to fear for their lives.

      Before you can expect to be even considered seriously you have to show you oppose the racist attacks that precipitated the entire situation.

      • Kevin Kylie

        This is not an advance in anything but stupidity and segregation. The protesters should have been taken by police.

        • BobFromDistrict9

          Did you read the report in the university paper, the Eagle, that was linked? It reported the entrance to the parking garage was blocked.

          The limitations on The Bridge was a temporary restriction to work out a response to the racists incident that triggered the problem.

          Did you notice the white students with the black students in the protest?

          • Kevin Kylie

            They shouldn’t be blocking the parking garage. There shouldn’t be any racial restrictions, temporary or not, on the cafe. I don’t care if white kids were protesting too. Nobody should be getting extensions on finals. It’s ridiculous. These kids need to grow up. I was in college in DC during 9/11 and we didn’t get any extensions. We were back in class on 9/12.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            If you were targeted on 9-11 you would probably have gotten an extension.

            The disruption may well justify extensions, but they should just delay the tests a day or two for all.

            As to the Cafe, it was a white administrator who did that. I would have recommended they do the opposite. Make the cafe the center for all those opposing racism, of all races, to come together to formulate plans and policies to fight it.

            The student paper said they blocked the entrance. That part doesn’t seem clear.

          • Kevin Kylie

            Technically any American was fair game on 9/11. Some students were very close to the Pentagon and witnessed the incident. They got no extensions. Nobody knew if there would be additional attacks over the next few days but we still went to class. These AU students need to grow up.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            Not every American is fair game to the white supremacists who were behind it. So, you just validated disparate treatment.

            If you were located near the targets it would have been smart to close the school for a few days. However, there was a very limited opening for that kind of attack.

          • Pat Kittle

            Of course White SJW’s have been brain-washed into supporting these academic misfits.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            Why do you hate the Catholic Church?

          • Pat Kittle

            Why do you hate White people?

            Don’t try to deny it, tell us why.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            I never said anything against white people in general.

            Now you in particular are another matter.

          • Pat Kittle

            You deny hating White people!

            That’s PROOF that you’re in denial about hating White people. You don’t like your “reasoning” being turned around on you, do you?

            We demand that you undergo extensive sensitivity training until you recognize your vast institutionalized Black Privilege that you take for granted.

            The REAL racist crime today is done by Black racists, as we can easily see:
            — [ ]

          • SrAgri

            But you support BLM, and, according to their leaders, white people are “sub-human” and have”recessive genetic defects” and lack melanin which “directly communicates with cosmic energy”.

            This kind of racist pseudo-science, quasi-magic nonsense far surpasses even the KKK’s pseudo-science rhetoric.

          • Shivers

            Here comes the insults from Bob, he wants you to keep playing with him.

          • Shivers

            Didn’t you know, with blacks EVERYTHING is about race. Bob’s attitude is becoming the norm with blacks. When Morgan Freeman was asked about racism, he said “there isn’t a racist problem, blacks need to stop talking about it” et al.

      • Karen Foster

        Obviously you didnt do much reading or watch anything at all when the riots were going on. If you had you would have seen the chaos the black lives matter people caused. They did preach hate towards cops. Obama never did anything about it did he? When all the protestors were blocking traffic in major cities are you telling me they never pulled anybody out of their car? There was no looting anywhere? They never blocked any emergency vehicle? It was all peaceful? Are you kidding me? You must have been hiding under a rock. And cuz SOMEBODY hung banana’s from a tree is no reason to make a student hangout black only and punish everyone. Or to let BLACK kids get an extra day for finals. And they should have known the answers by then anyway. You brought up the blk t shirt not me. And I never implied there was no racism in Hawaii and I was still there those yrs, I said there were so many ehnenticities that I was not raised to hate anyone by how they looked. And I want to add that this protest and the results were what was demanded by the black students showing they need more schooling and not be coddled. They could have asked for more classes about racism or something beneficial than setting themselves apart and acting like entitled crybabies.

      • SrAgri

        “Before you can expect to be even considered seriously you have to show you oppose the racist attacks that precipitated the entire situation.”

        There were no “racist attacks”, but this is not the first time you have been guilty of dishonesty. There were racial insults and perhaps even threat or intimidation, but no attacks.

        However, no one knows who placed these bananas and there have been other incidents where SJW have taken it upon themselves to fake hate crimes to “raise awareness about white racism”.

        Do you have proof that the white people illegally held hostage in the parking garage were the ones who hung the bananas on campus? If so, come forward with it.

        • Shivers

          Bob thinks that black on white attacks are white mans fault, Bob thinks that blacks acting up in school and having poor marks are white mans fault, Bob thinks that because of blacks screwing up in school leading to dead end jobs is white mans fault. I’m wondering if Bob thinks that blacks being black isn’t somehow white mans fault.

  • Cinemark Jessica Gray

    These knee.gros are ruinin merica. We should have done more to bring back sl.avery. these koons

    • Commonsense

      Trying to turn us into a third world poophole

      • BobFromDistrict9

        It appears Cinemark Jessica is trying to do just that.

    • BobFromDistrict9

      So, are you prepared to be one of the slaves?

  • Pat Kittle

    They should demand higher IQ’s while they’re at it.

    • BobFromDistrict9

      Have you filed your demand?

      • Pat Kittle

        Affirmative action comedy.

        • BobFromDistrict9

          I was in school back before JFK created Affirmative Action, and they it was for the military. I was out of school and in the service by the time affirmative action came into any real effect.

          Since, if you are an average American, my retirement income is higher than your earned income, I seemed to have made it very well.

          Of course, you may say that was affirmative action since:

          A: As a Vietnam era veteran my employment was counted on the equal opportunity reports.

          B: Last I saw about 90% of the benefits of affirmative action reported went to white people.

          • Pat Kittle

            Did the Vietnamese appreciate you?

          • BobFromDistrict9

            The very few I ever met did. What’s your point? They didn’t give AA in Vietnam that I ever heard of.

            Did you realize you had nothing of value to contribute so decided just to drop in some nonsense?

          • Pat Kittle

            Were you in Vietnam?

          • Pat Kittle

            The Vietnamese appreciate YOU??

            As for “nothing of value to contribute” — here’s the “value” Blacks “contribute” to the Vietnamese:

            “Black upon Vietnamese violence
            — even more and even more and a lot more. Korean also”:

            — [ ]

          • Shivers

            Amazing this came up about Vietnamese, my sister in law is Vietnamese, she was quite vocal about her dislike of blacks. She was a boat refugee, my brother married her in 1979.

          • Shivers

            Black on EVERYONE violence ‘Colin Flaherty”

          • Pat Kittle

            Blacks like “BobFromDistrict9” know very well how much crime violent racist Black dindus get away with.

            If he isn’t one of them he obviously approves of them. He shows ZERO remorse for their rampant criminality:
            — [ ]

          • SrAgri

            In addition to white people, many black racists really hate other minorities – Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, Indians, Middle Easterners, Jews – they REALLY have Jews. They feel like all other minorities have some “privilege” that they do not have.

            I have some friends who are Laotian and run a nail salon. A disproportionate number of the black clients that they have are rude and insulting to them. They often say they aren’t happy and just leave without paying.

          • SrAgri

            “B: Last I saw about 90% of the benefits of affirmative action reported went to white people.”
            Care to cite a source on that? No? I didn’t think so.

  • Human_Tragedy

    I hope the caucasian people use that “unbiased office to investigate claims of racism brought against the university” and then regain access to the cafe because racism is fucked up even if the person has orange skin. Stop judging people by skin color. Judge by character (which seems to be lacking these days).

    • BobFromDistrict9

      Yes, it is lacking. Esp among Orange people supporters.

    • BobFromDistrict9

      They will regain access since the restrictions were temporary in response to the racists incident that triggered the activity.

      • SrAgri

        No one knows who triggered the activity. The assumption of the racist rioters was that it was white people, but experience shows that it could just as likely been a SJW “raising awareness about racism on campus”.

        • Pat Kittle

          The REAL racist crime today is overwhelmingly done by BLACK RACISTS.

          And more & more White people are finally realizing it:
          — [ ]

          • SrAgri


            The KKK is largely ineffectual and benign. A few deranged individuals are inspired by it to commit murder or other atrocities, just like a few deranged individuals are inspired by BLM to commit murder and other atrocities.

            BLM, on the other hand, hears calls for violence, murder, arson, looting, and other crimes from the top. They are organized into violent mobs to wreak havoc on any community that defies their will.

          • Cdc

            Yes because free shit is involved. If they can get handouts they steal it. Blacks love free shit.

  • Gregory Brown

    I seem to remember a civil right fight about eating at a lunch counter, the segregationists lost that one

  • Stryder51

    People in the garage should’ve just pushed through in their cars.

    • BobFromDistrict9

      The student paper reported they blocked the entrance.

      Can’t see how that worked out.

  • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

    Bulldoze this university and turn it into a parking lot.

  • BobFromDistrict9

    Intimidated? They applauded him.

    The only thing I see wrong is making any area black only. No official segregation.

    • Pat Kittle

      They applauded having intimidated him.

      • BobFromDistrict9

        You didn’t watch the video, did you. They applauded and expressed their appreciation.

        • Pat Kittle

          I watched the video.

          They applauded him because they appreciated that he was intimidated enough to cave in to all their silly demands.

          Unfortunately their self-esteem cannot be fixed by bullying cowards like this guy. We know it won’t be long before the dim-witted bullies escalate their demands to an even higher level of absurdity.

          • BobFromDistrict9

            He did not appear to be the least bit intimidated.

            What does self esteem have to do with it? Trolling by white supremacists and racist attacks on black women involve a bit more than self esteem.

            It may not be long before the dim witted white supremacists escalate their attacks to a higher level of intimidation and hate.

          • Pat Kittle

            Of course he didn’t look intimidated — he knew he would be applauded for caving in to all the low-IQ dindu demands.

          • Rhea

            Where do you get support for your contention that “most racist hate crimes are hoaxes?” Please cite your source, so that I may examine it.

          • SrAgri

            I don’t know if Mr. Kittle is right about MOST racist hate crimes being hoaxes, but many definitely are.

            Here is a list of hundreds:

          • Pat Kittle

            The (((media))) make a huge deal out of “racist hate crimes” which they attribute to Whites.

            But the (((media))) NEVER make a huge deal when the “racist hate crimes” are exposed as ANTI-WHITE hoaxes.

            Here’s a simple search for [ “hate crime” hoax ]:
            — [ ]

            As an objective observer can easily see, the overwhelming majority of “hate crime” hoaxes are not committed by Whites — they are committed by sleazy anti-White racists trying to blame Whites.

          • nioncobra

            I think a lot of hate goes into banning an entire race from a cafe. I read most of your comments and I hope you don’t consider yourself the smart one in this big discussion. I’m sorry if you think Black Lives Matter only consists of peaceful people trying to make America a better place. But I live in reality and Black Lives Matter mostly consists of violent people trying to commit crimes and use that stupid organization as a means to justify it. Banning people based on race does nothing but put this country right back to square one. Anyone who treats someone differently due to the color of their skin is a racist. There are no exceptions. There is no “well I can treat you differently because you’re white and I think my great great grand dad was a slave or something”. With some of the stuff I’ve read if people think a totalitarian government will be brought about by conservatives they are out of their minds. The people who are going to bring about that kind of messed up society are radical liberals that only allow one ideology to exist. “Oh you agree with us on all points? Oh but you don’t think abortion should be allowed in all cases? Well you can go die”. I am very worried for this country. Especially when people like the students above are allowed to create a dangerous situation and see their radical demands met. Mobs are not a good thing. I know you think that “mobs are okay when it’s against white people” but you’re a racist so it’s expected.

  • Pat Kittle

    If you ever read “Mau-Mauing the Flak Catchers” by Tom Wolfe you will recognize this character.


  • F_Delicto

    “…as likely to have been a hoax hate crime as a real one”


    “…about 1000 times more likely to have been a hoax hate crime as a real one”

  • wharbylgarbylll

    If you block my car, you better be light on your feet, cause i’m not stopping. If you’re lucky i might honk…

  • Someone

    Someone shoot all these retards with imagined thoughts of racism towards themselves. Do the world a favor and put them out of our misery so we can get back to equality.