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WATCH: Rabbi Says Muslim Invasion Of Europe Is “Excellent News” Because “Christianity Must Be Destroyed”

Darby Crash
WATCH: Rabbi Says Muslim Invasion Of Europe Is “Excellent News” Because “Christianity Must Be Destroyed”

He says it is written that Christianity must be destroyed ahead of the Messiah’s return. Sounds just like the Shia Muslims trying to create necessary conditions for the return of their 12th Imam. Here’s the rabbi’s Facebook page.

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Excerpted From Luke Ford: The rabbi says: “The Messiah of Israel will only come when Christ, Europe, Christianity are totally defeated. Therefore I ask you, is this good news that Islam is invading Europe? Yes, this is great news!”

I don’t think the goyim appreciate it when Jews say they need to be destroyed to bring the Jewish Messiah. Keep reading

Here’s the rabbi showing off his dance moves:

Long version of talk:

  • GomeznSA

    Poor rabbi, still stuck in the first 5 books of the Old Testament…………….

  • Paul Hausser

    Ah you have the vermin bitch already my bad brother.

  • codfilet

    I could watch that evil bastard get marched into a gas chamber, and laugh and applaud.

  • LockandLoad_v2

    The Messiah has returned you fool – had you been there, you would have probably done the same to Him as your forefathers. The continued existence of you rebel jews shows that God has much patience with His chosen people…

  • copperpeony

    What the hell is wrong with these FAKE jews? FUBAR !!

  • John Smith


  • Miguel

    Well, we knew they hated Christianity.

  • Denis Coulson

    Oh dear a jewish wing of ISIS that’s all we need !

  • uncommonsense2010

    This explains why ISIS seems to want everyone dead but Israel.

  • zzzak666

    So do they welcome refugees to Israel ?

  • There is no excusing whatsoever for this.

    Anybody who has the temerity to support these anti-Christ Jews are clearly against European/ Western Civilization. And in favor of these parasitical Zio-Jews for whom no excuses can be made considering how much damage they have done to the cultural and social fabric of Europe, America and the West in general.

    I will focus on Sweden, whom compromised Zio-Jew lover and uber-extremist Zio-Pres. Trump has singled out, most likely due to Sweden’s pro-Palestine position too. (Of course, the sickening irony is Trump’s Syrian war posturing would cause further refugee/immigrant problems for nearby Europe especially, especially with Turkey’s Erdogan threats of flooding Europe even more, which has support among the corrupt European elite. But the activist and organized Jewry are happy for more Muslims to demographically replace or minoritize the native Europeans and have Christianity destroyed.)

    Sweden is entirely compromised by a litany of Swedish Jews intent on their demographic replacement : simply see this long list of hateful Jews working against the native ethnic Swedes (below) who have been far too generous and tolerant of the wicked Jews who have totally abused the generosity of the Swedish people post-WW2.

    Gentile and Jewish apologists for the Zio-Jews should just move to the God-forsaken Rothschild colony in the Middle East (or outside the White world) instead of being constant degenerate nuisances in the West.

    I can only take solace that sooner or later these demonic Jewish and Gentile supporters of the anti-Christ Zio-Jews who are committing White Genocide (eg, Swedicide) receive their comeuppance, if not in this world, then in the next.

    Swedicide and European and White Genocide worldwide has not been an organic, natural phenomenon but socially-culturally engineered by largely Jewish Communists (eg, Jewish feminists).

    This is a good and eye-opening read naming responsible Swedicide/ White Genocide promoting Jews in Sweden:

    “The “Chosen People” In The Swedish Media” ZionistReport 30 September 2016

    “Anyone who follows the media in Sweden can quickly realize there is an agenda being carried out en masse. This agenda, in short, is Cultural Marxism and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. And, anyone who deviates from this ‘approved narrative’ is deemed a racist, slandered, and publically shamed. An important question to ask is this: who is behind this wave of propaganda? The article below will answer many of your questions.”

    This article names and includes a litany of many of the prominent subversive Jews in Sweden who have been engaged in Swedicide, a variant of White Genocide directed at the ethnic Swedes in their homeland, through their control of the media and most cultural and political instruments of power which have brainwashed the Swedes through Cultural Marxism.

    An insidious example from (((Swedish academia))), among the long list of subversive Jews and Zio-Jews, is one (((Marian Radetzki))) :

    “Professor of Economics at Luleå University. For a Jew from Poland Marian Radetzki is the Swedish language is not worth preserving. In an article in Aftonbladet, we learn that he wants to abolish the Swedish language and replace it with English.”
    . . .

    Thanks Pat for this posting and for your concern for the native European people and for speaking up for European/White interests.

    And for speaking up against BOTH the insidious Jews (and their supremacist Talmudism), who pave the way for the Muslims in the West, through their long-supporting open borders immigration activism and their use of the Muslims to destroy Europe, Christianity, and the West more generally.

    (Focusing on Muslims alone is insufficient, they are only the symptom, not the cause of the Muslim and immigrant problem in Europe and the West. Many of the Zio-Jew outlets in their blind support and sycophancy directed at the Jews forbid mention of this, and are therefore useless and tackling the “Muslim problem” is futile without addressing the Jewish problem.)

    Many in the Zio-Jew financed “anti-jihad movement are obviously co-opted by Jews and therefore illegitimate; and the same goes for those who aren’t directly Zio-Jew financed but say nothing about the Jews or are not wise to the perfidious plotting of the Jews. These movements can only do some much, similar to the nationalist/populist parties undermined by the need to include the Zio-Jews, who almost always are “Israel-First” motivated (eg, Geert Wilders whom the Dutch saw right through).

    And with an all-pervasive socio-legal need to monitor “anti-Semitism,” lest their financial dominance of the West’s banks, governments, media and academia is challenged by the goyim, which is becoming all-the-more-clear to us with the Internet, and hence the Jewish and Israeli desire to censor the Internet.

  • Case in point.

    Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt is the president of the Conference of European Rabbis, and Chief Rabbi of Moscow.

    And he’s also against censoring the Internet too (“shut it down”). Totally unexpected lest we goyim, particularly Whites/Europeans “learn too much” about Talmudic perfidy, supremacy and their legitimized perversion/ degeneracy. And obviously the Zio-Jewish dominance of the West and beyond.

    See : Goldschmidt, “The net can now radicalise anyone in their bedroom. We must crack down before it tears Europe apart” The Telegraph (UK), 26 July 2016.

    And remember this :
    Muslims are Jews’ natural allies in Europe – Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

    • Obvious Typo : And he’s (Chief Rabbi Goldschmidt) also in favour of censoring the Internet too (“shut it down”).

      Jewish and Israeli censorship of the Internet and challenges to Net Neutrality is a huge and pressing concern and this platform will sooner or later be impermissible for those of seeking to expose Zio-Jewish and Zio-Communist crimes, both presently and historically.

      The biggest cowards are those who support the Zio-Jews since, to do so, risks nothing: no risks to reputation, social status, threats of imprisonment, civil and/or criminal defamation, etc.

      There is no honor and nothing to be proud of in supporting the terrorist Zio-Jews and their incessant war with White Gentiles and the Arab world. It is immoral and extremely shameful when Gentiles/ the Goyim support the Zio-Jews who wield the greatest collective power of all racial-religious groups through their most ethno-religious-centric collective. SJWs who side with the Zio-Jews are hypocrites if they think they are furthering “social justice” by standing with the Jews in any way, shape or form : (((they))) and their suspect historical fables are to be questioned at every point; without these fables they are powerless. This is where Jewish power essentially lies and has crippled the West.

      Zio-Jew supporting Gentile goyim are the epitome of “useful idiots.”

      It should be seen as being akin to being a race/religious traitor : much like those who miscegenate with the Zio-Jews and/or convert to various strains of anti-Christ Judaism, like worldwide threat to peace, recipient of nepotism and Zio-Jew pest (((Ivanka Trump))).

      Whites/Europeans must stick together more and quit allowing Jews to terrorize them through the control of the Zio-media (MSM and “alternative”) and now moves to challenge Net Neutrality and Internet Censorship. The Zio-Jews are not to be trusted.

      • Sick of the Jewmedia

        God forbid.

  • Seriously

    This is why everyone should go back to their own countries with their own perverted views. Trump should FORCE this! America is for AMERICANS ONLY! Latin America for Latin Americans only. Mexico for Mexicans. Africa for Africans. Muslims countries for Muslims, etc. Multiculturalism ISN’T WORKING, folks.

  • non

    These two protagonists are satanist sectarians. They disguise themselves in what they want to destroy. They did the same thing to Christians by doing wrong against them and everyone but in their own name. Satanists do that and agree very well together (against us all)