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WAR ON WHITES – “Person Of Color” John Leguizamo: “Jeff Sessions Should Never Be Attorney General”

Darby Crash
WAR ON WHITES – “Person Of Color” John Leguizamo: “Jeff Sessions Should Never Be Attorney General”

These people want increased power for their race, and for all “people of color,” and less power for whites. That’s all all this is about. They pretend it’s about “justice,” and “inclusion,” and blah, blah, blah, but that’s just the necessary PR smokescreen. If I’m wrong, then why is race the only thing you ever hear them talking about? Don’t blame me for them, I’m just the messenger. And why can you see the racism all over his op-ed?

Excerpted From An Op-Ed Against Jeff Sessions, Written By “Hispanic” Actor John Leguizamo, In Variety: But the Department of Justice, the agency charged with protecting the rights of all American people, should not be led by a person who has failed to do that throughout his career. Sessions has a long record of opposition to the rights of many of the people most at risk in Trump’s America.

Let me repeat: Jeff Sessions should never be attorney general of the United States.

Sessions has spoken of the “fabulous accomplishments” represented by the Confederate flag. He has defended sexual assault. He has said it’s “appropriate to begin to discuss” Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim immigrants. He has made a career as the Senate’s most anti-immigrant member and has supported building a wall on the Mexican border. He has been an ally to right-wing hate groups, from conspiracy theorists and anti-immigrant radicals to white nationalists and Islamophobes.

Even though Trump is our president-elect, let’s not forget what America really is. America elected an African-American president. America voted overwhelmingly in favor a woman president in the popular vote. A majority of Americans support equal marriage rights. A majority of Americans have consistently supported a woman’s right to choose. A majority of Americans believe that immigrants strengthen our country, and even a majority of Republicans support a path to citizenship for undocumented people. Immigration is not just my story. Immigration is the American story. And America is becoming more diverse and more progressive by the day, whatever the outcome of this election and this presidency. Read the whole thing

  • blackyb

    Dream on, Mr. Cool. We are running the ‘diversity’ out. We are taking back our country. We have more than enough ‘diversity.’ NO MORE.

  • OhZone

    Obama was not African…He was Asian.
    Note his large ears. Note that Africans have small ears.
    There is also the thing about eyelashes.