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Tucker Carlson Blasts “Religious Order” CNN: “Since When Is It CNN’s Job To Police The Internet For Immorality?”

Jack Flash
Tucker Carlson Blasts “Religious Order” CNN: “Since When Is It CNN’s Job To Police The Internet For Immorality?”

@KFile & @CNN targeted a #Reddit poster because he was a white Christian exposing them for their religiously and ethnically motivated anti-Christian & anti-white bigotry via posts like the one below.

CARLSON: “There is a lot to unpack here. First, one of the biggest news organizations in the world spend a ton of money and a ton of time trying to find out who made this video. You probably do not care who made it because why would you care? Some dude on the Internet is not that important. But CNN felt it was vital. Why did they feel that way? Narrative response, even if it was a joke. Whatever it takes to beat your opponent, in this case, trump, is worth doing. This is often research opposing his him. Then there is this guy, his name, CNN is keeping it secret. Where are they doing that? The adjuster them explain, because the man in question has apologized and promised he will never do it again. Wait a second. When did CNN become a law enforcement agency or religious order? Since when is it CNN’s job to police the Internet for a immorality?

  • codfilet

    The ((Tribe)) wants their pound of flesh……

  • Mike E

    It’s not anti-Semitism to observe that Jewish people totally dominate certain sectors, like media and Hollywood. The Jewish people in general are smart and have an enormous drive. And it’s not strange that Jews hire Jews. It’s a close knit community just like Catholics.

  • Gaius_Suetonius_Tranquillus

    While only 13 percent of the US’s population is black, black athletes constitute 80 percent of the players in the NBA, 67 percent of the NFL. Who cares? The NBA and the NFL hire the best athletes.

    When they disrespect our national anthem and our President, we just stop watching them.
    Same goes for CNN.