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Three Blacks Charged With Firing On Cops So They Could Film It For Website…After One Cop Is Killed

Jack Flash
Three Blacks Charged With Firing On Cops So They Could Film It For Website…After One Cop Is Killed

Excerpted from The Daily Caller: Three brothers charged in the shooting death of a Prince George’s County Police officer appeared in court Wednesday, after allegedly starting the shootout so two of the brothers could video the attack for the website

Michael, Elijah and Malik Ford each face over 20 different charges for the violent March 13 shooting that left 28-year-old Officer Jacai Colson, a four-year veteran of the Prince George’s County Police Department, dead. Michael Ford began firing on officers outside a police station, while his brothers filmed the assault. He allegedly wanted the video sent to, a website known for posting violent fight videos and shootings involving police, reports NBC Washington.

Prince George’s County Detective Joshua Malinowski testified Michael Ford wanted to specifically target cops in the attack, and was ultimately attempting suicide-by-police. Michael recorded a last will on his cell phone before departing for the station. Michael also wanted the video sent to his girlfriend and several friends according to court testimony from Malinowski.

While his brothers filmed, Michael open fired on a Prince George’s County Police station igniting a chaotic firefight with police. Officers began returning fire, hitting Michael, who was later stabilized at a hospital, while his brothers fled the scene. In addition to Officer Colson, the shootout drew in three other officers. In the chaos, an officer misidentified the plainclothes Colson as a threat, firing the fatal round. Read the whole thing

  • Luna Maria Robles

    Why didn’t they just off these scums? The world would have been better off. Instead, we have to house them and feed them on our dime. Killed a cop in a planned attack. And they are still alive? Wrong. Hope they die before they make it trial. I really do. When I know that creatures exist like this, I have ZERO tolerance or pretense of thinking they are human beings. They are creatures doing, and nothing more.