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THE BIG LIE-BOWSKI: AP & NY Times Admit That Only 3 Of Our 17 Intelligence Agencies Believe Russia Interfered In Election

Infidel Ali
THE BIG LIE-BOWSKI: AP & NY Times Admit That Only 3 Of Our 17 Intelligence Agencies Believe Russia Interfered In Election

When’s the last time a Democrat told the truth about anything? And what does it tell you about what they stand for when they have to represent it all with lies?

And the 3 agencies that do “believe” it, as opposed to the 17 we were constantly told believed it? All that means is that some Obama and #NeverTrump holdovers in those agencies put together a report of dubious integrity that makes the claim Russia hacked the DNC’s and Clinton campaign’s emails. Obviously, there’s absolutely no reason to trust such people.

Excerpted From The Daily Caller: The Associated Press “clarified” a false claim it’s been running in stories about President Trump and Russia on Friday, conceding in a release it’s not the case that 17 intelligence agencies “agreed” on the hacking narrative.

The correction to four reports on Trump and Russia comes the same day The New York Times issued a similar correction to a Maggie Haberman report. Both TheNYT and the AP now say the claim they’ve been floating for months is incorrect.

“The Associated Press reported that all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies have agreed that Russia tried to influence the 2016 election to benefit Donald Trump,” the AP stated, citing four specific reports from as early as April that made the assertion. “That assessment was based on information collected by three agencies – the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency – and published by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which represents all U.S. intelligence agencies.”

“Not all 17 intelligence agencies were involved in reaching the assessment,” the statement concludes.

The timing of both corrections is odd, since the facts of the claim have not changed since it began circulating in October of 2016, just before the presidential election, and the figure was clearly debunked as early as May of this year. Hillary Clinton used the large number to ridicule Trump on the campaign trail, and has reiterated the claim in recent months, along with other Democrats and members of the press.

The October DNI report did not specify which agencies conducted the assessment on Russian meddling, but of the 17 agencies it’s clear which ones would have purview — the FBI, CIA and National Security Agency. Indeed, further clarification from the DNI in 2017 made it clear these were the only three agencies involved. None of the other agencies overseen by the DNI publicly disagreed with the finding Russia tried to interfere, but that is to be expected, since none of them conducted a review. Keep reading

Excerpted From The Daily Caller: The New York Times has issued an absurdly written correction to a story about President Trump and Russian meddling.

White House reporter Maggie Haberman falsely claimed in her report that 17 intelligence agencies all agreed Russia tried to interfere in the presidential election, reiterating a thoroughly debunked liberal talking point.

Trump “still refuses to acknowledge a basic fact agreed upon by 17 American intelligence agencies,” she wrote in the Sunday report. Apparently facing substantial criticism, the paper corrected the error Thursday.

But instead of simply and clearly correcting the report, TheNYT added a paragraph to the end that reflects either an astoundingly poor ability to communicate in English, or a deliberate effort to obscure the error and resulting correction.

It reads:

    “A White House Memo article on Monday about President Trump’s deflections and denials about Russia referred incorrectly to the source of an intelligence assessment that said Russia orchestrated hacking attacks during last year’s presidential election. The assessment was made by four intelligence agencies — the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Security Agency. The assessment was not approved by all 17 organizations in the American intelligence community.”

Why is Haberman’s story needlessly referred to as a “White House Memo article?” What does Trump’s “deflections and denials” have to do with the correction TheNYT is ostensibly trying to communicate here? What does “referred incorrectly to the source of an intelligence assessment” mean?

Let’s clear this up.

Haberman’s story repeated a claim liberals began circulating following a declassified report from the Director of National Intelligence in October on the Russian influence campaign. Since the DNI heads up 17 agencies, it was easy to frame the declassified report as a consensus built on 17 separate assessments. In fact only the three agencies who reviewed the matter signed off on that consensus.

The former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, said as much in a May Senate hearing. The assessment was a “coordinated” product from the FBI, the NSA and the CIA, he said, working under the “aegis” of the DNI. It was not signed off on by 17 agencies. That makes sense, as some of the agencies — Coast Guard intel perhaps most obviously — would have little to do with election hacking.

The Daily Caller News Foundation also addressed the claim in a fact check of a Hillary Clinton interview in May where she again repeated the phrase. Certainly, none of the other agencies disagreed on the record, but that’s to be expected if they didn’t conduct a separate analysis. Keep reading