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Syrian Amb.: The U.S. “Waged A Barbaric, Flagrant Act Of Aggression” That Killed Women And Children

Darby Crash
Syrian Amb.: The U.S. “Waged A Barbaric, Flagrant Act Of Aggression” That Killed Women And Children

Translator: That joined us in calling for the convening of this urgent meeting. I have a question at the very outset to the secretary general who stated that Syrian Arab republic perpetrated an act of aggression without defining the terms of that act without the charter of the United Nations. The United States at 3:42 at dawn today, April 7, 2017, waged a barbaric flagrant act of aggression against a base of the Syrian Arab air force in the central area of the country using a number of missiles which led to a number of mortars, many injured including women and children and wide ranging material damage. This treacherous act of aggression is a great violation of the charter of the United Nations as well as all international norms and laws. The United States attempted to justify it with empty pretexts, fabricated arguments claiming that the Syrian Arab army had used chemical weapons without genuine knowledge of what happened without identifying who was responsible. The very same pretext shouted out by terrorist organizations as well as their handlers in Washington, London and Paris as well as the media.

  • Mary Curry

    Unless the women and children were standing in the middle of the runway, no one was hurt that shouldn’t have been

  • Don

    Interesting how those that kill women and children complain can use the same argument. #logicalfallacy

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