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Syria: We Do Not Have Chemical Weapons, But “It Is Well Known” That ISIS Does & Uses Them In Syria

Darby Crash
Syria: We Do Not Have Chemical Weapons, But “It Is Well Known” That ISIS Does & Uses Them In Syria

SYRIAN AMBASSADOR JAAFARI: “The Syrian Arab Republic has stressed that the Syrian Arab army does not have chemical weapons in the first place and that it would never use such weapons in any of its operations against armed terrorist groups. That it condemns the use of such weapons as being unjustified under any conditions. Let me stress that it is well known that those weapons have been used and stockpiled in many parts of Syria by terrorist armed organizations in cooperation or rather with a wink and a nudge by some ruling regimes in the region and outside including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and some European states. They completely ignore all the fact and documented information on the use of chemical weapons by terrorists in many parts of the Syrian Arab Republic.”

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  • Mister Misanthrope

    With all the videos out now from the gas attack, it’s awfully interesting how many people get reused in what I believe are staged scenes. Including children that are supposed to be dead in one, but alive in others.

    I’m more inclined to believe the Syrians.

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