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Syria: U.S. Attack ‘Sends Erroneous Message’ To ISIS Et Al, ‘Emboldening’ Them To Use Chem. Weapons

Darby Crash
Syria: U.S. Attack ‘Sends Erroneous Message’ To ISIS Et Al, ‘Emboldening’ Them To Use Chem. Weapons

SYRIAN AMBASSADOR TO U.N.: This aggression would surely send erroneous messages to those terrorist groups involving them to use chemical weapons in the future and to continue perpetrating terrorist acts against the Syrians. A associated terrorist organizations did wage many attacks on many parts of Syria and its allies in the war against terrorism confronting them despite desperate attempts to support them. The American aggression is under this umbrella. This condemnable aggression is a grave extrapolation of the same erroneous American strategy that began six years ago, one of providing all forms of assistance to what the united States called moderate arm opposition groups. This strategy harms counter terrorism by the Syrian Arab army and its partners and makes the United States a partner of ISIL and other terrorist groups that since day one of the the unjust war against Syria have attacked army positions and military bases as well as the infrastructure. Let me recall to this council that the United States leads a purported alliance against ISIL. However, the real achievements of that coalition is to kill civilians and to strike at infrastructure in Syria. Its real objective is to weaken the Syrian Arab army and its allies when confronting terrorist groups. In this regard we see the air strike by the aircraft of this coalition illegal against the Syrian Arab army in the city in an attempt to protect ISIL elements falling between Syrian and Iraqi territory and opening a corridor for them. Today’s aggression aimed at saving the — following the grave damage that was done to them by the Syrian Arab army and its allies in the center of the country following their attack on cities and peaceful villages in the region.

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