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Support For Muslim Ban Grows In U.S.

Darby Crash
Support For Muslim Ban Grows In U.S.

Excerpted From The Washington Examiner: While support for the Trump administration’s positions on many issues has declined in recent months, one of the president’s most controversial policies has held its ground or perhaps even grown in popularity.

Some of the administration’s most popular positions have seen their popularity decline, according to CNBC’s quarterly “All American Survey.” The share of Americans who say they somewhat or strongly support the administration’s plans to rebuild American infrastructure, for example, has declined to 62 percent from 75 percent three months earlier. Support for individual tax cuts has fallen to 59 percent from 64 percent, while support for cuts to business taxes fell to 50 percent from 54 percent.

So which issue has gained popularity? Banning immigration from specific Middle Eastern and African countries. Public support for the ban rose by a percentage point, with 44 percent of Americans now saying the strongly or somewhat support the ban. That slight rise was due to a one percentage point gain in the “strongly support” category. Opposition to the ban has slightly declined, falling to 49 percent from 50 percent. The share of respondents who said they “strongly oppose” the plan, however, saw a steeper decline, to 32 percent from 36 percent. Read the whole thing

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  • Tread7

    Hell yes….I’m 110 % for that !

  • Mojoman_XXXL

    Good news.

  • Long Ben

    If a person does not want to be an American they should not move here.

  • Freeman Allen Edwards

    glad to find your site and thanks for speaking up against the lousy NFL thugs who dont appreciate America nor the freedom they abuse everyday..I WILL NEVER WATCH NFL AGAIN