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Scaramucci: Some Of These Leakers Would Have Been Hanged 150 Years Ago

Jack Flash
Scaramucci: Some Of These Leakers Would Have Been Hanged 150 Years Ago

  • Bobby

    Firing squad 60 years ago, and before. Or hanged. Both will be back after these Huge Tribunals begin. 15 of 100’s & dates received. Globalists are going to hang from the gallows they want against USA, Christians & Israel. God is also raising up an Esther type, who rescued Gods’s people. The feast of PURIM. Bible book of Esther. And Haman and his sons, hung from the gallows, they made for the Jews. The feast of Puriml Lord told His Christian, fireman prophet, Mark Taylor. That these coming Tribunals will make the Nuremberg trials, look like a cakewalk in comparison. There will be massive openings in Gov’t, some area taken down. From USA to worldwide. Main, the NWO Clinton foundation. US to worldwide. 4 Nazi war criminals were led to repent and receive Lord, Savior Jesus in, as theirs. By a US Army officer. Their trial got delayed, and were hung exactly on the Feast of Purim. One yelled Purim as he was hanged. Now in Heaven, Christian prophet Kim Clement’s exact Trump from 2007 and other amazing exact things are going on, now. Greatest coming for USA.In one, he hints that the devils witch, Hillary, will receive Christ.Be transformed and tell all. The plots,too. Many are obvious. Kim said many of you will say her!? We hate her! But seems like she will repent. And the Lord will do great things through her.Like His Trump.Not politics. Said this Esther type has big round eyes. All the others were exact, this was more of a mystery. It could be the one woman, heart for the unborn,all Constitutional as all of the 5 total. Trump puts on the supreme court. Gorsuch was the first. Creator Lord Jesus will expose 3 on the supreme court, now. For backroom deals, bribes, whatever.3 will be busted. They will be out. America’s greatest years, have begun. God is going to above MAGA. 15 of 100’s and dates received. Trump is going to throttle US and Israel’s enemies. Kim, Lord, Holy Spirit through.Said the false god, idol stone in Saudi will be shattered. to pieces. By a Russia attack. Sounds like the Ezekiel 38, 39 quick war, is coming. See Kim Clement’s videos, also. You will be amazed by exactness, from years ago. Trump 2007 on, prophecies and things to come.Media to be transformed soon, also. Much more, even greater, all areas.

  • ferfeksake

    You are indeed one foul excuse for humanity…now I know why so many yanks murder children.