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Ron Paul: “There Is Zero Chance” Assad Committed The Gas Attack “Deliberately”

Darby Crash
Ron Paul: “There Is Zero Chance” Assad Committed The Gas Attack “Deliberately”

RON PAUL: So Assad, they claim, went and released gas to kill a bunch of people, but… I looked at the New York Times to get the explanation and they said ‘Worst Chemical Attack In Years In Syria, U.S. Blames Assad’ So it is all over and done with? But it is not quite so easy, is it?

What happened four years ago in 2013? This whole thing about crossing the Red Line. And ever since then the neo-cons have been yelling and screaming about Assad using poison gasses on his people four years ago. Not quite true. It was never proven…

It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a suddent use poison gasses. I think there is a zero chance he would have done this deliberately…

But we could also go ask a famous Senator who is famous for foreign policy, we could go ask John McCain to explain it. And he found somebody to blame: I don’t know why he has it in for the president… McCain says blame Trump. It is all Trump’s fault because he hasn’t been aggressive enough.

  • codfilet

    How many times do we have to tell these Neocons and Globalists that we DON’T want to be dragged into another stupid, pointless ,wastefull war that is none of our business,anyway?

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