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Police Unmask Antifa Thugs – Rip Off Their Masks – At Auburn Protest, Fights Break Out

Jack Flash
Police Unmask Antifa Thugs – Rip Off Their Masks – At Auburn Protest, Fights Break Out

Excerpted From The Gateway Pundit: Alabama – Police officers forced far-left Antifa thugs to removes their hoodies and masks prior to entering Auburn University in protest of the guest speaker.

Antifa showed up at Auburn University to protest far-right activist, Richard Spencer who was speaking at Foy Hall. Police officers were forcing Antifa protesters to remove their masks prior to entering the University. Listen to these police officers talk to these thugs like they are 5 year olds. Hah! Keep reading

  • knowledgeisgood

    Antifa’s slogan is, “There will be Blood,” there delusional fascism didn’t think it would be theirs, and now they know, it will be.

  • Giorg1

    cmon guys, antifa has long being discredited in Europe as a fascist org, they are worse than people they allegedly stand up to, or whatever. its funny that after 10-15 years of its downfall there its seeing rise in US. and like any extremist orgs, they are infiltrated by law enforcement agents, and sometimes are guided into creating havoc, instigating fights so those who oppose them will get in trouble with the law and be painted as violent extremists themselves. best way to destroy them is not to allow them to control your behavior. this way, they go butt wild and police would be compelled to take action.

  • Tread7

    Awesome !! Thank you police officers !

  • Hats off to Auburn cops – they know law enforcement unlike the Berkeley cops who stood by and did nothing to prevent violence as their Chief didn’t have the guts to make the call to provide police protection.