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Pakistan Lashes Out At Trump Over Threat To Force Release Of Doctor Who Helped U.S. Kill Bin Laden

Jack Flash
Pakistan Lashes Out At Trump Over Threat To Force Release Of Doctor Who Helped U.S. Kill Bin Laden

Trump is right. Action needs to be taken to make these scumbags cough this guy up. It’s important for other individuals we need to help us to feel safe.

( – Stung by Donald Trump’s assertion that as president he would get Pakistan to release “in two minutes” the doctor who the U.S. says helped to track down Osama bin Laden, a Pakistani minister said Monday his country was not a U.S. colony and dismissed U.S. aid as “peanuts.”

“Contrary to Mr. Trump’s misconception, Pakistan is not a colony of the United States of America,” Interior Minister Chaudry Nisar Khan said in a statement.

“Shakil Afridi is a Pakistani citizen, and nobody else has the right to dictate to us about his future,” Khan said. “He should learn to treat sovereign countries with respect.”

Afridi’s fate, he said, would be decided “by the Pakistani courts and the government of Pakistan and not by Mr. Donald Trump, even if he becomes the president of the United States.”

In an appearance on Fox News last week, the Republican presidential frontrunner was asked whether as president he would get Afridi released.

“I think I would get him out in two minutes. I would tell them, ‘Let him out’ and I’m sure they’d let him out,” he said. “Because we give a lot of aid to Pakistan. We give a lot of money to Pakistan.”

Trump said the Pakistanis have no respect for President Obama, and that they, like others, “just take us for a bunch of suckers.”

In his statement Monday, Khan described U.S. aid to Pakistan as “peanuts” and said it “should not be used to threaten or browbeat us into following Mr. Trump’s misguided vision of foreign policy.”

Since 2001, U.S. taxpayers have accounted for more than $33 billion funneled to Pakistan in direct aid and in reimbursements for counterterrorism efforts (“coalition support funds”), according to the Congressional Research Service. That includes $3.8 billion in “foreign military financing” (FMF) funds.

Pakistan consistently has been one of the biggest recipients of U.S. foreign assistance, and this year stands at number five.
Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi. (AP Photo, File)

Afridi’s exact role in the operation that led to bin Laden’s death five years ago this week remains murky, but he reportedly carried out a vaccination campaign in Abbottabad, Pakistan, aimed at getting DNA evidence from the walled compound where bin Laden was suspected to be living.

Leon Panetta, who served as CIA director at the time of the subsequent raid on the compound, said later Afridi had “helped provide intelligence that was very helpful with regards to this operation.”

In 2012 the physician was sentenced to 33 years’ imprisonment for what supporters – and a Pakistan commission of inquiry – said were trumped-up charges relating to links to an extremist group. The conviction was later overturned but he was charged in 2013 with murder relating to the death of a patient years ago, and remains incarcerated. Keep reading