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NRA: Dem Supreme Court Appointees “Will Come After Our Guns For The Rest Of Their Lives”

Darby Crash
NRA: Dem Supreme Court Appointees “Will Come After Our Guns For The Rest Of Their Lives”

Excerpted From CNS: Commenting on President Barack Obama’s weak national security skills and attacks on the Second Amendment, NRA Executive Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre said that while radical Islamic terrorists were shooting and bombing Americans “on our own soil,” Obama attacked law-abiding gun owners “harder than he attacked ISIS.” LaPierre also stressed that Obama’s foreign policy “enabled and inspired ISIS.”

“While radical Islamic terrorists shot, bombed, and butchered innocent Americans on our own soil, Barack Obama attacked you harder than he attacked ISIS,” says LaPierre in the video released on Oct. 21. “He used the terrorism his own weaknesses and failures made possible to try to gut your right to shoot back at the terrorists. He refused to kill.”

“Thank God we stopped him in his tracks,” says the NRA leader.

“But while his term ends in a matter of months, his two Supreme Court appointees – easily among the worst justices to ever sit on that bench – will come after our guns for the rest of their lives,” says LaPierre. “Eight years of his policies have laid waste to the America we remember. Through deliberate lack of prosecution he has transformed America into a sanctuary nation for felons, criminal gang-bangers, drug dealers, repeat offenders, and illegal aliens.” Keep reading

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