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Muslims Drinking Camel Piss Causing Deadly Virus Outbreak

Jack Flash
Muslims Drinking Camel Piss Causing Deadly Virus Outbreak

Excerpted from Shoebat: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) is rearing its head again in Saudi Arabia but somehow health officials and scientists can do little more than scratch their heads when trying to explain where it comes from. The problem is the most likely cause is almost as easying as adding two plus two and getting four. According to Reuters:

The UN group – a international delegation of scientists and public health experts from World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Organization for Animal Health – visited Saudi Arabia last week to investigate a sharp rise in MERS cases.

All the experts are there, right? The best and the brightest in the business was at ground zero for MERS. In order to stop this deadly virus, the origins of it have to be discovered, right?

Saudi Arabia has not done enough to investigate and control a deadly new MERS virus that has killed hundreds of people there and remains in many ways a mystery, United Nations health experts said on Monday.

Cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are surging again, but Saudi health officials and scientists appear unable to explain where the infections start and how they spread, the UN experts said.

Much of this head-scratching should be unnecessary because the most obvious explanation for the source of the virus has already been determined:

Initial scientific studies have linked MERS to camels, but disease experts say it is not at all clear how the infection passes from the animals. Many people infected in the community and in hospitals report no contact with camels, they note.

“There are so many aspects of the virus that are still unknown,” said Berhe Tekola, director of the FAO’s animal production and health division.

While many of these people may not have access to camels, there is an abundance of Camel-based products on the market, not the least of which is camel urine for human consumption.

Drinking camel urine is quite common in Saudi Arabia. There are videos galore of Saudis doing it. As for why western health officials may be loathe to connect dots between the MERS virus making it to humans from camels, it very well could be political. As has reported in the past, camel urine and products from the animal are held in extremely high regard. Telling Saudis to stop using camel products because MERS is being transmitted from camels is practically sacrilegious. Keep reading