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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Sebastian Gorka’s “Associations Include A Nazi Entity”

Jack Flash
MSNBC’s Joy Reid Claims Sebastian Gorka’s “Associations Include A Nazi Entity”

REID: “I want to put a map up. This entire region is rethreatening to go up in flames. Iran, which is, of course, the neighbor to Iraq, the country we attacked during the George W. Bush era. The Obama Administration was able to create an accord with the goal of reducing Iran’s drive towards nuclear weapons. Foreign policy magazine now reports Donald Trump has assigned a White House team to target that deal, that he recertified that Iran is in compliance, but now several NSC staffers according to Foreign Policy Magazine, are expected to be involved including Steve Bannon, the alt-right white nationalist entity within the right wing and Sebastian Gorka whose associations include a Nazi entity in his father’s home country who are both regarded as Iran hawks are supposed to take part. The idea that you would have the Obama Administration seeking to unwind the Iran deal by finding ways ideologically to declare them out of compliance, what do you make of that?”

WILKERSON: It’s a very disturbing development, joy. This is the most singular diplomatic achievement by the United States since George W. Bush talked the rest of the world into accepting the reunification of Germany and its retention in nato. Monumental achievement and it’s stopped Iran from achieving a nuclear weapon. The only other alternative is war and invasion to eradicate the program. That would be a disaster would make Iraq pale in comparison but that’s where we’re headed and you’re right in assuming this team’s ultimate mission is to undermine this agreement to make it look, if they can, like Iran is in non-compliance with the nuclear agreement and therefore we have a reason to be in non-compliance ourselves when, in fact, we will have undermined it.