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Krauthammer: Iran Deal “Cannot Be Undone”

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Krauthammer: Iran Deal “Cannot Be Undone”

KRAUTHAMMER: “Look, it is the worst deal we’ve ever done. There’s no question about that. But it is done, and it cannot be undone. In the Obama Administration structured the deal so that it wouldn’t be undone by doing this. It gave Iran all of the benefits upfront. Essentially, it gave billions of dollars, more importantly, it ended a carefully constructed, ticket-long efforts to construct an international sanctions regime. It fell apart, blew it with the wind. There’s nothing left of it. Now, for the Iranians, they got what they wanted, and now all they are doing is adhering to some of the technicalities, which doesn’t hinder them at all. We have nothing to gain by tearing it up. All that is left in the deal what we want, which is to adhere to these technicalities to keep the infrastructure frozen. The problem is, a, it doesn’t address the other problems, I.e., Iranian imperialism, interventionism, what it’s doing and Lebanon and Syria with Hezbollah, our sanctions remain for all of that, but it is not international sanctions. It is a very small base. And the worst part of it is, it’s just a freezing of the program and they are going to go nuclear. It is part of the deal. It is allowed. And all that means is, a few years from now, we are going to be in a position where we have no way to legally restrain Iran.”

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