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Israeli Government Tells All Jews To Leave France, Live In Israel Where They Belong

Jack Flash
Israeli Government Tells All Jews To Leave France, Live In Israel Where They Belong

They should do exactly that. From all of Europe and the United States.

Excerpted From The Telegraph: Israel’s defence minister has urged Jews to leave France and move to the Jewish state as the Israeli government continued to lash out at the international community in the wake of a UN resolution criticising its settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Four days after the US allowed the UN Security Council to censure Israeli settlement building, Israel’s government is on a heated rhetorical campaign against the 14 countries that voted against it.

It has cut aid programmes, summoned ambassadors for angry admonishing and Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has apparently decided to snub Theresa May at next month’s Davos meeting in retaliation for Britain’s vote.

The Israeli government is also focusing on discrediting a French-hosted summit on Israeli-Palestinian peace scheduled to be held in January in the final days before Barack Obama leaves office.

Mr Netanyahu fears the summit will be used by the outgoing US president as a final chance to leave a mark on the Middle East peace process before Donald Trump takes over.

Avigdor Lieberman, the defence minister, said the summit was “a modern day version of the Dreyfus trial”, the infamous 19th century trial that exposed widespread anti-semitism in France.

“This is not a peace conference but rather a tribunal against the State of Israel. This is a conference whose only role is to undermine Israel’s security,” Mr Lieberman said. “On the defendant’s bench, instead of one Jew, will be the entire State of Israel.”

He urged French Jews to migrate to Israel saying it was “the only answer that should be given to this plot”.

Israel accused the Obama administration of engineering the UN resolution as a parting shot against Israel and offered to supply the incoming Trump administration with “rather ironclad” evidence of behind the scenes US maneuvering. Read the whole thing

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