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Israel Ambassador Reminds MSNBC: “Ben Rhodes Is An Expert At Fiction”

Darby Crash
Israel Ambassador Reminds MSNBC: “Ben Rhodes Is An Expert At Fiction”

He’s right. Ben Rhodes is most famous for creating the lies necessary to trick Congress and the American people into supporting the Iran nuke deal, so you can bet your bottom dollar his job here is to create more such nefarious fiction to sell the UN resolution to both again.

( – Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. on Monday contemptuously dismissed White House deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes’ denials that the Obama administration played a key behind-the-scenes role in getting a resolution condemning Israel through the U.N. Security Council, describing him as an “expert at fiction.”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s government says it has “iron-clad” information indicating that the Obama administration had a role in the crafting and passage of the resolution that passed Friday in the absence of a U.S. veto.

Ambassador Ron Dermer told MSNBC the Israeli government had proof that it would share that evidence with the incoming Trump administration – which “can decide whether they want to share that with the American people.”

“We’re obviously not going to share it with this [Obama] administration because this administration is behind it,” he charged.

Asked about Rhodes’ denial of an administration role, Dermer replied, “Ben Rhodes is an expert of fiction

“Let’s just wait until all the evidence is presented to the new administration and they will decide,” he said.

And then you can invite me back on your show and you can see whether I’m telling you the truth,” he added. “When the prime minister of Israel makes such an allegation, that is backed up by 100 percent evidence. You can take that to the bank.”

(Dermer’s barb directed at Rhodes may allude both to his educational background – he has a master’s degree in fiction writing from New York University – and to last summer’s controversy surrounding his reported boasting at having “created an echo chamber” of experts and journalists to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the U.S. people and lawmakers.) Keep reading

  • Andrew Konigs

    Trump won about 35% of the Jewish vote. I think this parting shot against Israel by the Democrats will cause a split. I expect Trump to take 50% + of Jewish voters which could help in Florida.

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