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Guy Benson: It ‘Behooves’ Trump To Keep ‘Pounding Away’ At The Media

Infidel Ali
Guy Benson: It ‘Behooves’ Trump To Keep ‘Pounding Away’ At The Media

GUY BENSON: Any politician wants to get positive coverage or coverage that they view as fair. Their opponents would have a different definition of what constitutes fairness. To your other questions, will this ever die down, as long as the media continues to be pretty aggressively hostile to the administration, not just adversarial, but hostile, and as long as they keep getting some things wrong, sometimes in a big way, it behooves the President to continue pounding away because it motivates his base, it calls into question some of the negativity surrounding his administration and his agenda. And also, I think that if you look at the polling, which the White House I’m sure is doing every single day, it is not like President Trump is well trusted by the American people, he is not, but the new NPR/PBS poll that came out just a few days ago showed that while the President is in a weak position on credibility, the media is seven points worse. And if that is a dynamic, you better believe that the White House is going to try to flog that.