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Geraldo “Distressed” Over Mueller: “The Politics Of The Prosecutor Is Relevant”

Darby Crash
Geraldo “Distressed” Over Mueller: “The Politics Of The Prosecutor Is Relevant”

GERALDO: “Mueller has a job to do. Former Republican congressman named Michael Grimm, the only Republican congressman here in New York. I happen to be a Republican in New York. I’m very sensitive to the fact that we have one GOP congressman, and I think there are 10, 12 of them. Grimm was singled out for an investigation for campaign finance irregularities by Loretta Lynch when she had the eastern district. They went after him, Michael Grimm, an FBI hero, a decorated combat marine, who ran for Congress, went after him, spent a fortune, found zip, nothing, but what they did find before he ran for Congress, he ran a health food store and some of his delivery were undocumented Mexicans. They got him on tax evasion because of that. Loretta Lynch, attorney general of the United States, the actual prosecutor of Michael Grimm, the guy who was on the line, immediately resigned and ran for office as a Democrat. Now in the state legislature in New York state. So to state that Mueller and his team are apolitical is absolutely unrealistic. It is a fantasy. It is a fiction.”