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Father Goes Off On San Diego School Board For Islamic Indoctrination

Infidel Ali
Father Goes Off On San Diego School Board For Islamic Indoctrination

His name is Christopher Wyrick and this is from a video posted on YouTube on April 26th of this year.

YouTube: Eleven citizens, led by a group called, Citizens for Quality Education, spoke at the San Diego Unified School Board against the progressive/Marxist plan to force acceptance of Islam on students under the guise of an anti-bullying program. The School Board is actually the bully here, trying to control the thoughts and speech of the students by intimidation.

The school district denied that they are enforcing Sharia, but they will be accommodating Islamic religious practices in the schools and teaching a (false) positive view of Islam. These religious obligations, such as praying five times a day and enforcing a deference by non-Muslims to Islam are requirements of theocratic Islamic religious law, i.e. Sharia. However, Muslims are allowed to forego these religious obligations in a non-Muslim country. The San Diego School Board is acting like we already live in a theocratic Muslim country.

Kevin Beisser is the chief advocate of implementing Sharia in the schools. Saudi Arabia funds much of the advocacy of Islam in the US. You have to wonder, if he and other board members are getting any of that Saudi gold. A former board president (Marne Foster) was charged with corruption and removed from the board just last year.

  • 7LibertyForAll

    And the coproaches appear to make sure people DO NOT get to use their 1st Amendment rights….Bravo