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Eric Bolling Vs Roland Martin: “What Is The Russia Story? I’m Still Waiting To Find One Story That Has Legs. It’s All Fake.”

Infidel Ali
Eric Bolling Vs Roland Martin: “What Is The Russia Story? I’m Still Waiting To Find One Story That Has Legs. It’s All Fake.”

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, THIS WEEK: It hasn’t changed at all. I guess the question is, I think you’re right, he knows exactly what he’s doing. Does he understand the impact? Let me bring that question to you, Eric Bolling. Perhaps the president wants to get it off Don, Jr., but it guarantees one more week of complete focus on Russia.

ERIC BOLLING, FOX HOST: Look, I think Maggie is incorrect in that he didn’t need to do that. He didn’t need to sit down with The New York Times for an hour to do that. He could have tweeted about it.

What Donald Trump does — President Trump does is he moves forward. He moves the media. He moves the story forward. He stays in the news. I will tell you, unequivocally, I spoke to him yesterday, he’s very frustrated about Russia being the focus of everyone’s conversations when he would like to focus on other things.

He would like to talk about other things. But it doesn’t — the media never gets there. They sit — he sits down with The New York Times, what happens? They talk about Russia, collusion in Russia.



BOLLING: Just to finish this. The Sessions thing is on his mind. When I spoke to him yesterday, he is concerned that, hey, he appointed Jeff Sessions. He shook his hand and said, you’re the attorney general. And now…

STEPHANOPOULOS: Then how do you explain Sarah Sanders — I want to move on to Roland. How do you explain Sarah Sanders coming out and saying the president has confidence in Jeff Sessions, from talking to you, from talking to Maggie Haberman, he does not have confidence in Jeff Sessions.

BOLLING: Well, I didn’t say anything about confidence. He’s frustrated that had he known that Jeff was going to recuse himself within days of being appointed over a handshake on a receiving line in a book event, that he probably wouldn’t be the attorney general.

ROLAND MARTIN, HOST & MANAGING EDITOR, “NEWS ONE NOW”: This is very simple for this president and his administration. If you want to stop hearing about Russia, stop lying, stop changing stories, actually tell the truth.

As George said to Sarah, multiple stories. We have Donald Trump, Jr., who changes his story from Saturday to Sunday, and it keeps changing and changing.

BOLLING: Well, what is the story? What is the Russia story? I’m still waiting to find one story —

MARTIN: This is the story.

BOLLING: — that has legs. It’s all fake.


MARTIN: Eric, Eric — this is the story. Donald Trump, Jr., says we got money from Russia. The president says we didn’t. Eric Trump said it as well. Donald Trump, Jr, says to Jake Tapper in an interview that, oh, it’s disgusting their discussing we had meetings about Russia with the campaign. Now we know from his own e-mail, he did.

BOLLING: No, no.


BOLLING: There are no collusion —