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East Jerusalem Resident: 2 State Solution An “Oxymoron”; You Can’t Have 2 States When One Wants To Destroy You

Jack Flash
East Jerusalem Resident: 2 State Solution An “Oxymoron”; You Can’t Have 2 States When One Wants To Destroy You

HOST: Attacking an ally. Secretary Kerry delivering a blistering speech against Israel following the U.N. Vote on Israel’s settlement. So what are Israelis living in those settlements thinking this morning about the speech? Daniel Lorea is one of those living there in east Jerusalem. Thank you for your time.

DANIEL LOREA: Thank you for having me.

HOST: The U.N. Says this is occupied territory. Tell us what it is like to live there and what Israelis are feeling this morning?

DANIEL LOREA: Well, first of all, I work all the time in what the world refers to as east Jerusalem. So from our point of view, it’s the eternal capital of the Jewish people. And the reaction is there is not much the world can do about it. Friends don’t put friends in danger. To ask us to put a terrorist on our back doorstep when we have one on the a strip is just phenomenal. Friends that understand we have a four-year history with je Jerusalem and the land of Israel. The people are concerned about the occupation or illegal settlement is just astounding. The two-state solution in addition to that is clearly an oxy moron. You can’t have two states when one wants to destroy the other state. I live in a regular city of 40,000 people, five minutes outside the city of Jerusalem. I work with every day regular people. We do not teach our children to make molatov cocktails or throw stones. And that’s what we’re up against. So in addition to the fact that Israel is the Jewish homeland, so it is impossible for us to be illegally occupying our homeland, we’re surrounded by millions of people who are being driven into the sea.

HOST: Your voice is so important. Where you are is where everyone is affected by the resolution. Help people better understand watching this at home here in the United States and afar, help them understand the impact of this resolution.

DANIEL LOREA: Well, let’s put it this way. The size of Israel is the size of New Jersey, 7,000, 8,000 square miles. To even think of dividing up that area as a terror state is totally absurd. It cannot be. To think that we have literally already today missiles, thousands of missiles coming to regular cities is ircome prehenceable. There are plenty of Arab that is live side by side, but there are too many that want to see the end and do not recognize the smallest Jewish entities. What the world doesn’t understand is that we’re not moving. So terror isn’t going to drive us out.

HOST: Sure. Daniel, I was in Israel a couple months ago visiting judea and is a MARIA — samaria, what is the biggest misconception that the world has about these settlements?

DANIEL LOREA: Well, I speak to many Americans overseas, and it seems we live in shacks on hilltops. We are talking about close to 800,000 views today living in judea and somaria. The views were displaced here, so if anyone was illegally occupying, it was the Jews. Jews were the ones, we’re the ones displaced and yet the world says we are the occupiers? There’s something distorted about that thinking. Regular people, beautiful cities, who are not teaching hate or incisement.