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Daniel Halper: Kerry’s “Final Solution” Speech A “Pure Fantasy,” “Nothing To Do With Reality”

Infidel Ali
Daniel Halper: Kerry’s “Final Solution” Speech A “Pure Fantasy,” “Nothing To Do With Reality”

It’s not by accident that he calls Kerry’s vision for the future of Israel “the final solution,” which was what Hitler’s plan for the Jews was called.

DANIEL HALPER, THE WEEKLY STANDARD’S ONLINE EDITOR: “I think it’s worth pointing out some misperception and ideas one John Kerry ace speech. The whole anti-settlement craze hinges on the notion that Jews wouldn’t be allowed to live in a Palestinian state understand the final solution, right? That there would be some sort of Palestinian settlement apartment buildings we’re talking about and saying Jews can’t build here because the Palestinians won’t allow that. That sort of mindset is sort of washed over and baked in and it’s perhaps damaging. But as far as John Kerry’s speech goes it’s pure fantasy. This has nothing to do with reality. The U.N. Action is very real and has consequences. Kerry and President Obama though he is vacationing and hitting the links this very much with his blessing as his own administration has told us. What that’s about, I think, is changing the way the Democrats will be perhaps views Israel and interacts with Israel in the future. This is not something that, you know, they are not going to cheat peace in the next three weeks but they will change the way Democrats look and interact with Israel and in a real, very real way and perhaps alter that perception.”