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CNN Reports On “Terrifying” Booby Traps On Way To Mosul

Jack Flash
CNN Reports On “Terrifying” Booby Traps On Way To Mosul

Excerpted From The Washington Free Beacon: CNN’s Arwa Damon reported Tuesday from Iraq on the “terrifying” booby traps left behind by the Islamic State, such as a massive sulfur fire.

As ISIS retreats from parts of northern Iraq near Mosul, the country’s second largest city, the terrorists are leaving behind a path of death and destruction. ISIS fighters blew up a sulfur factory in Mishraq, Iraq, as they retreated from advancing Iraqi troops. Mishraq is near Mosul, where U.S.-led coalition troops are moving to retake the terrorist group’s last major stronghold in Iraq.

In the wake of the factory’s destruction, mountains of raw sulfur continue to burn, leaving a devastating environmental and health situation. Damon reported that local hospitals have run out of oxygen with so many people going to them for aid. The only way to be near the flames is by wearing a gas mask and not allowing one’s eyes to be exposed to the toxic air. Blue flames burn on the ground from the sulfur as bulldozers have attempted to dose the flames by dumping dirt on them. Keep reading