Spicer Pressed Hard About Wall: Is Trump Not “Serious” About It? “Is It Not An Emergency Anymore?”
Spicer: 40 Percent Drop In Illegal Border Crossings Due To Trump’s Agenda
Farage Slams “Rogue Nation” Mexico: “What Right Do Mexicans Have To Tell Americans They Can’t Change Their Policy?”
Border Wall Faces Resistance From Texas Republicans
Watch Stephen Miller Pound George Stephanopoulos & His Every Open Borders Lie Into Dust
UPDATE: First Illegal Alien Felon Deported Back To Mexico Under Trump Order, Despite Soros Protests
Cali State Senate Leader: “Half My Family” Here Illegally, “Almost Every” Illegal Alien Uses “False ID”
Anonymous WH Source, Most Likely Reince, Claims Trump Was Just “Joking” When He Threatened To Go After Mexican Border Cartels
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