Swiss Overwhelmingly Vote Down Guaranteed $2,500-A-Month, Taxpayer-Funded Income For All
Unemployment Claims Reach Record High As Economy Remains In Shitter Throughout Entirety Of Obama Presidency
Saudi Prince Alwaleed: “We’re Never Going To See $100-A-Barrel Oil Again”
Iran President Lashes Out At Sunni Saudis For Lowering Price Of Oil To Hurt His Shiite Country
U.S. Homeownership Hits 20-Year Low
Ben Carson: Minimum Wage ‘Should Be Higher’
Dem Rep. DeLauro: “Our Food System Is Broken” And ObamaTrade “Will Make It Worse”
40 Percent Of Unemployed Have Quite Looking For Jobs
Obama Regime Continues Its Terror On America: Releases 2,300 Regs Before Memorial Day Weekend
Obama Has Lowest Q1 GDP Growth Of ANY President Who Has Served Since 1947
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