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Australian Cafe “By Women, For Women” Charges Male Diners A “Man Tax”

Darby Crash
Australian Cafe “By Women, For Women” Charges Male Diners A “Man Tax”

Excerpted From Washington Free Beacon: A new café in Melbourne, Australia is charging men an 18 percent premium that staff are calling “the man tax” to “reflect the gender pay gap.”

Café Handsome Her opened on Thursday and is hoping to highlight the issue of gender equity with its business, CNN reports. Gender equity is different than gender equality because the latter treats everyone the same and seeks to promote fairness while the former involves giving everyone what they need in an effort to “level the playing field.”

In the name of gender equity, the café is imposing an extra cost on purchases that men make.

A chalkboard outside of the café explains the policy:

    “Handsome Her is a space by women, for women. House Rules:

    Rule #1: Women have priority seating.

    Rule #2: Men will be charged an 18% premium to reflect the gender pay gap (2016) which is donated to a women’s service.

    Rule #3: Respect goes both ways.”

“Well, it’s been a hectic couple of days. Who would have thought that one little chalkboard would cause such a stir?” a post on the Handsome Her Facebook page reads. […]

Ngien responded to the criticism by saying that “men have their own spaces that we’re not allowed in to, so why not have that space for women?”

The manager said that no one has declined to pay the extra 18 percent for the six days that the café has been open so far. Ngien even said that some donated more, arguing that 18 percent is not much of an extra cost.

“Eighteen percent is actually not a lot,” Ngien said. “Our coffee is $4.00 and 18 percent of that is 72 cents.” Read the whole thing